So, You’re Telling Me That We Should Celebrate Tonya F**king Harding?

Did I miss something?  Didn’t this female athlete attack another female athlete for fear she may not get a prize for her efforts?  Didn’t she actually plan the bashing in of her opponent’s knee with a bat?  Didn’t she deny it and then plead guilty?  Didn’t she deliberately try to ruin another woman’s career?   I am sure you get the point here.   How, in all the fuck’s, did we get to this ?

Hollywood Idiots
Hollywood is FAKE!!! That is ALL!!! Why all the hand grabbing anyway?!?!

I am so confused about the status of who we are and what we value as a people, a nation and community.  Let’s face it, Hollywood is FUCKED UP!  We allow ourselves to attach to these, less than ideal humans, who are playing pretend.   Hollywood is NOT REAL.  The problem is, Hollywood has a huge impact on us, on the way we live, love, play, eat, dress, think, feel, work, etc.  Between this twat and the Kardashian sister’s, at times i feel hopeless for us.   It’s like we are moving backwards.   How did Tonya, the villain, become the hero in this story?  I’ll tell you….

I, Tonya

We, as a people, are curious AF by nature.  We learn everything by watching, We watch and we figure if this is acceptable, if that is not, and whether either is changeable. We feel connected to the world around us when we watch.  I have not seen this movie myself, and this is not a movie review, merely questions about what makes us want to watch this and what makes us want to like Tonya Harding.  When I say, “us” I mean the Hollywood assholes that are embracing her in the picture above and anyone else who can support this kind of shit.  I have zero tolerance for this woman and the fact that we are giving her more attention, praise and money is beyond my comprehension but I never claimed to be smart.

Tonya Is what we call a “social train wreck” and we really love to get comfy in our p.j’s, get a bowl of popcorn, our favorite blanket and watch this sort of stuff unfold before our eyes.   Watching O.J. try to outrun police after murdering his ex-wife, watching Brittany Spear’s shave her head and come undone, viewing our political “debates” this past year just waiting for something crazy, sexist, racist, ignorant, OHHHHH, and the facial expressions!! Meme’s are everywhere of every event that we deem unacceptable behavior.    I mean, we love juicy, tainted, perverted stories of other people’s poor decision making.  We just can’t help ourselves! Or can we?


I think, we like to watch because it’s a safe way to explore  some of our darker traits.  You know the ones, the one’s you don’t even tell your best girlfriend’s or husband or partner.  Heck, Hollywood BANKS on the fact that we like to watch, to be  immersed in a character so deep that you experience every emotion in 90-120 minutes all in the safety of your own living room.   I think this is why the story is exciting again.  We get to relive all the emotions and then some.  We all remember, and we all asked ourselves, “How could someone do this?”   This story takes you through the why and the how but most importantly,  it plays to a side we don’t like to admit is there.  I have wished for terrible things to happen to people who hurt me.  I have done that more than once. I have secretly, of course, thought how my life could be different if it weren’t for this obstacle or that.  The difference is, these are fleeting thoughts risen from fear, with no plan of action.  Just thoughts.   When someone acts on those thoughts, the story has emerged and is what we are attached to.  We can’t believe someone could carry out our most twisted thoughts so, of course we have to watch!!

I say, some things are not worth reliving or revealing.  Fine, you want to watch, but do we need to make a spectacle of this woman again?   Do we need to forgive her? Will we ever even know the real truth?  Is this all for money,  publicity and fame?  I can’t answer any of that for you, it’s just something to think about.  We create what we want our world to be like with everything we do everyday.   Every thought that crosses our mind, every word that leaves our lips, every action we take daily, the food we choose to eat, the business’s we choose to support and the millions of things we WATCH everyday.

Watch to be smart…watch to be helpful…watch to seek to be better…watch for your future. Stop watching this B.S.



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