Go ahead and get away….re-ignite your inner fire!

If you do nothing for yourself, you will have nothing to give anyone else.  We can all get caught up in our day to days and forget that we still need time alone, time away and time to reflect upon the blessings we encounter everyday.  For the first time in years, I had that chance to just that in the magical destination of  Tulum, Mexico.  From the minute the plane touched down at Cancun International, I was ready to experience all Mexico had to offer.  Even though I stayed in a chic boutique hotel on the beach, I was able to head into the City Center one evening and really feel Mexico.  Eat their traditional cuisine,  their street food and have one of my best friends along with me for the adventure.  There’s something about travelling with your girlfriend that makes a trip like this so memorable.  Alone time is a must also,  and having a friend or partner who allows you space is a precious gift.   I am lucky to have many of those people in my life now.

No trip to the beach would be complete without workouts to banish the evidence of all the taquitos and tequila, so I hit the only gym on the beach that utilized dumbells made from wood.  It was like working out with the Flintstones, only with the most fantastic view a girl could ask for.  They had some medicine balls, a push sled, monkey bars, paralettes, squat racks, wooden benches for any chest pressing, and whole lot of people watching going on.  The Jungle Gym of Tulum was just what I needed to get lost in my own workout for a change. https://tulumjunglegym.com/

It didn’t bother me one bit that several people would stop and stare to get a glimpse into the area and check things out.  I am usually so focused on creating workouts and nutrition plans for clients, I don’t get the chance often to workout for myself.  Even when I take our amazing classes at my studio, I am still a trainer, still making sure everybody is working, feeling good, pushing and correcting.  The trainer in me never turns off.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but I am a giver.  I give to others first, sometimes crushing my goals instead of CRUSHING my goals, know what I mean??!! .  That is a danger in this field that several trainers and instructors face and I recognize when that begins to happen.    Time away from serving others is a good thing.  It allows pondering, assessing, reflection, and new habits to be formed.  I loved working out, for me, in front of the turquoise water, white sand, breezy air, in my new lululemon’s (and I do not get paid to say that) and allowing myself to feel my breath, to focus on the quality of movement, slow things down…after all, I had no where to be, no one to see and my presence was enough!

gina tulum ab shot

gina flyingI also had the chance to take a yoga class, under a palapa, waves crashing behind me, cool breeze blowing, sun shining, and a wonderful instructor who had just the right amount of challenge, breath work and posture work to make me revel in my own sweat puddle after class.  I was there…there for me….there to experience what my instructor had to share, no trainer thoughts ran through my mind.  My excessive criticism of other instructor’s was completely shut down.  My excessive criticism bleeds through when I am being an asshole.  I actually love taking other trainers and instructors classes.  I respect their knowledge, experience and personality, most of the time.  When I am being an asshole, I allow myself to feel jealous, envious, weak, needy, bitchy, gossipy, not good enough, not in shape enough, not funny enough, not a good enough friend, not a good enough mom, etc….I am an asshole and I look at the world with critical lenses.  GROSS!!!!  Then, I pull myself together and stop that shit!!

But none of that was there, all that was there was admiration, respect, gratitude and a deeper connection to my thoughts and actions.   I felt refreshed, renewed confidant that the path I am on is the right one.  I just needed a second to breath, re-focus, to re-light the flame that makes me want to be better everyday.  FOR ME.   Time away with friends, alone time, mommy time, self care, whatever you want to call it, is much needed.  Schedule time for you, I promise you will never regret it….



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Hey there, I am a mom of two, trainer, gym owner, movement specialist, fitness and food junkie and love to travel. I love to experience all life has to offer, good and bad. Sharing workouts, recipes, lifestyle hacks, style tips and creative ways to get your fitness on is my mission.

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