Perspective: How Divorce can Help you Build Healthy Habits for Life

One of the biggest reasons I came out of my own divorce, relatively intact, clear, focused and confidant, was because of the discipline I had developed while working with my own Personal Trainer.  Before I became a Trainer myself, I had a regimented schedule with a Trainer that allowed me to think and focus on me.  When I started with my Trainer, I was weak, physically and mentally, had never quite sketched out any goals, and didn’t know much about myself.  I committed to training three times per week, no matter what was happening.  As I physically grew stronger, I became mentally and emotionally stronger, more stable.  The anxiety I felt about decision making fell away.  The thing about working on yourself daily, is you can discover who you are over and over again.  These sessions help me track patterns of behavior that I had become stuck in, thinking that was limited and I learned that being uncomfortable was okay.  Comfort does not serve me.  Never will.

My training appointment became my therapy in many ways, and when divorce came knocking, I was ready.  I am not saying that it was easy, but I was ready.  I didn’t let the anxiety of the unknown grab hold of me.  I knew I was capable of anything I wanted to accomplish.  I just had to decide everyday, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. You may find yourself overwhelmed, full of doubt, fearful, anxious and uncertain.  divorce

Getting a divorce, even if you work with an ​Albany divorce lawyer​, can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional health, and even your physical health as well. Indeed, a divorce is extremely stressful, and the change of routine and the pressure of finding a place to live, making decisions about property and the kids, and learning how to be on your own can be extremely taxing. In addition to this, you may be experiencing feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and even self-loathing post-divorce. All of these stressors can not only leave you feeling bad and frazzled, but can also take a toll on your physical health as well, leading to weight gain, negatively affecting your immune system, and increasing your risk of disease.

Exercise Is Critical

To help you combat the negative emotions and physical consequences you may experience as a result of a divorce, exercise is the best medicine. Indeed, ​everyone should exercise on a regular basis regardl​ess of stress level, but for those dealing with a major life change, exercise can be an especially effective tool.

The benefits of exercise are myriad. Of course, there are the many ​physical benefits ​such as:

  • ●  Weight loss/maintenance;
  • ●  Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • ●  Reduced risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome;
  • ●  Reduced risk of cancer;
  • ●  Improved bone and muscle health;
  • ●  Improved mobility; and
  • ●  Improved chance of living longer.

    But in addition to physical benefits, there are a number of ​psychological benefits​ too. For those who are recently divorced or in the process of getting a divorce, exercise can help you to cope with stress and is a helpful and effective treatment for depression and anxiety. Exercise also leads to better sleep, improved thinking and cognitive benefits, enhanced mood, and increased serotonin and brain-derived neurotrophic factor. There is also research to support the idea that exercise improves self-efficacy and social interaction, perhaps because it combats low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

    Of c​ ourse, exercise helps you to ​look better too. In addition to weight loss, you may put on more muscle and have healthier looking skin and hair. When you look good, you feel good.

    Take Back Control through Self-Improvement

    When you feel good about yourself and your body, you have a healthier perspective and better outlook on life. The first ​step is realizing that ​you are in control, and that you have the tools and the opportunity to improve your physical and mental health after divorce. Through exercise, you can take back control.

A Personal Trainer Can Help

While exercise can leave you feeling great, it can be hard to know where to start. Getting outside for a walk is always a great basic, but if you want to do more, working with a personal trainer can be helpful. A personal trainer can customize an exercise routine for you that helps you to reach your fitness and health goals. A trainer also helps to hold you accountable and motivate you.

At Freestyle Fitness, we care about your health goals, both physical and psychological. If you have recently gotten divorced, we are here to support you on your journey to self improvement and empowerment. ​Contact us today online​ or by phone to learn more about our services today.


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Hey there, I am a mom of two, trainer, gym owner, movement specialist, fitness and food junkie and love to travel. I love to experience all life has to offer, good and bad. Sharing workouts, recipes, lifestyle hacks, style tips and creative ways to get your fitness on is my mission.

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