This blog is meant to inspire, share, challenge and encourage all willing people, no matter what age, circumstance, or condition, to fight for the life you want to live.  Developing lifelong healthy habits takes a lifetime and we are always works in progress.  Forget about what it looks like on social media and start living with purpose and passion in everything you do.  People will judge you, hurt you, betray you and shake your confidence at times.  Learn to bend instead of break, and I will be here fighting the fight with you.

You will find everything from fitness workouts, yoga, movement arts to whole food recipes that your entire family will love, to my fitness adventures around the Globe and everything in between.  Owning and operating a fitness center, connecting with people all over the Globe, and raising two kids takes a shit ton of organization and a great sense of humor.  I share the struggles and success with you so we can rise together!

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